It is for real you pray for the immediate health Thin Thin

Miss you pray for, as soon as the real health Thin Thin Thin film will be charged for real and reply via the media and then currently facing the actual lawsuit. In a trial to a halt and without her ruby Perez has said in an interview with the media, as well as for real and get well soon via asserts.

Halt “Today the situation of the other defendants to anything. And then I’d like a sister last trial, their lawyer speaking. A lawyer’s ethical decision, the brother and sister I’d like a sister. Because this is an issue yet to be determined by the court million because he had these words about contempt for the court … court despised interruption in accordance with a lawyer’s ethical small sister I’d like to say. And then, without thinking how Reachable only woman pharaoh me going to a sister I could.

Another suggested that the lawyer Tailor her mother ‘ll ask his father or his mother did take the time to say a woman can not be married if did not matter whether they had seen no sister I mean life. In fact, even prostitutes, lacking money to give. Actually, this is how to say my sister’s dignity with regard to what a great girl, and shelter my baby, do not give out free nobody Messages mean life. Especially court brand-owned group, said the court decided not to form a small hint problem because the court did not respect yourself. “He asserts.

Asked for further “The following week, on 19 Orders must treat today how to upload our hospital to say anything. Gmail is not the urge to them this occasion issue posted. It is for real as soon as possible outbreaks of disease. “He asserts.

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