Five years after returning to theaters with a new movie

Kim Tae Hye is one of the top South Korean actresses and has won the love of Myanmar audiences, giving birth to two children after marrying singer-actress Rin, who has not appeared in public for about five years.

The fans were disappointed with the popularity of the film, which came out in the form of a movie that was well-known for its cinematic properties, but now it is thrilling for fans who want to see the action.

The actress will play the lead role in a fantasy drama.

“Hi Bye, Mama!” Is the name of the movie about the life of a mother is the main shoot down. Action by the death of a husband and daughter (49) days of the shoot it as upscale. Interestingly, the film will be shown tvN channel (mid-2020) will be shown today confirm that. Now ….


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