How to charge an emergency mobile phone?

Mobile phones are becoming a necessity today.
Mobile Phones are very important for using GPS when traveling in the mountains.

Even if there is a Power Bank, what will be the solution when both the phone and the power outlet are out of sight?
AA batteries are tiny pieces of plastic that can be easily packed into your backpack.

How to Make An Emergency Power Bank Using These AA Batteries
If you cut through a USB cable, you might want to cut it with green or green. White You will find four red and black cords.

Then connect the four AA batteries. Connect the positive side to the red cord and the negative side to the black wire.
Then, the batteries connect the same cables and USB cables. Green and white cords are not necessary.

When all is connected, charge your phone. You will see that it is on fire.
It can take up to four times as much as a conventional charger, but it’s one of the best ways to handle emergencies.


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