Prince Thin Thiri, who has been taking over as a heat-free head first

Thirteen-year-old Prince Thiri, who has a lot of love for his fans, has been a source of inspiration in the art world since his youth. He is currently a fan of the artist and has been working hard to get his work across the board.

As the fans know, she will see a couple who are very much in love with each other and are very friendly to the couple.

After the news broke that the engagement was completely unnoticed by the audience, Prince Thura announced the release of the film. Although the couple did not know what the problem was between them, the fans who loved their series were disappointed.

Thiha, who has continued his artistic career after breaking the deal, is now taking a moniker and entering the church. Thirteen-year-old Thiri, who may have smiled at the audience this morning, is showing a video clip of the CeleGabar crowd calmly and emotionally.


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