Thailand’s top three actors

There are a lot of good TV series and movies that will catch the attention of many Myanmar audiences, including some of the most popular Thai dramas, as well as the bizarre cast and the handsome actors. There is a Thai drama starring Thai actors who will be coming soon. The Thai episode is shared with Cele Gabar fans.

Roy Leh Marnya

Bella Thanee, along with Bella Thaneeat, will appear in the new series, and they both star in the popular movie “Buppesunnivas.”
Lai Kinaree

Nadech Kugimiya and Yaya Urassaya will be seen together for the upcoming premiere on the set, which will be the eighth time the two have worked together as actors.
Song Sanaeha

Kim Ma Kimberley is coming out with James Ma, a new reality show that will be coming soon, as the behind-the-scenes footage is sure to come to the audience soon.


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