Tips to know how to use a computer skillfully

Computers are a very useful tool, but they need to be useful. So, here’s a trick on how to use a computer.

Control + T
If you want to open another tab in the browser, you can control by pressing Ctrl + T without clicking on the positive and the positive.

If you have an error on your computer, look at Google first before you see it, and there are already thousands of computer problems on Google that will save you time and cost.

If you want to know exchange rates, you can find the answer by typing 50 dollars to kyats in the Google search bar without calculator.

When the laptop battery is about to end, drop the flightmode and charge. When charged, the charge is almost 15 minutes faster than normal charge.

If you want to download the image on google, you do not need to right-click and save it.

6 IP address is like a house number.
Knowing your IP address allows you to track where you are. If you do not want anyone to know your location, use a hidden IP address called VPN.

7- Night Computer users should learn to use f.lux software. This software is especially suitable for night time computer users who change the color of the computer screen and will not be affected by color.


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